Gota Abu Ramada
Also known as 'The Aquarium' and this name says it all. Great visibility, 25 metres and over is not an exception and huge amounts of fish. Big schools of goatfish, yellowtail barracuda and blackspotted sweetlips. Just about any fish you can see in Hurghada can be seen at Gota Abu Ramada. With an extended number of mooring lines on the south side, we can dive either east or west. The east side has a wonderful sloping coral garden, surrounded by a couple of very fine pinnacles standing on a 12 metre deep sandy bottom. The west side has 2 huge coral blocs, standing just outside an amazingly colourful reef wall.
From the north, starting off at 2 other big coral blocs, we can make a drift dive towards either the east or west moorings. Currents are usually mild around this reef, but can go either way, so good communication with the boat crew is essential.

Type: pinnacle, coral garden.
Depth: 15 metres.
Difficulty: *